Letters of Recommendations

01Letter of recommendation - Suncon
02Letter of appreciation - AKM
03Letter of recommendation - Jasmadu SB
04Letter of recommendation - TRS



This year, our company is awarded the prestigious SME Product Excellence Award 2013.
This award is presented by SMI Association of Malaysia.

SMERA 2013 LOGO20131218_142617-1

It’s 2 years in a row !!

Once again, our company won the coveted Enterprise 50 Award 2010, on 17th Dec, 10.
This is on top of our achievement last year when we were recognized with the
Enterprise 50 Award 2009.

This is an award by SME Corp which recognizes the top 50 SMEs in the country.

e50 cert 2010



Our company also won the prestigious Golden Bull Award 2008 – Top 20 Emerging SMEs
on 25th September, 2008.

Golden Bull award trophy GB color winner logo

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