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  2. Main features of our beams
  3. Advantages of Pre-tensioned Prestressed Beams
  4. Common Misunderstandings on Prestressing
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Product Range

Precast Prestressed Beams manufactured by us

JKR PRT-beams
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TM beams

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Box Girder Beams

Hollow slab beams / PRHS
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Inverted T-beams
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Main Features

of Beams manufactured by us

Prestressing strands 12.7mm or 15.2mm dia. 7-wire super low relaxation strands, conforming to ASTM 416 or BS5896.
Concrete strengths 28-day cube strength ranging from 45 to 60N/mm2 depending on customers’ specification.
Customization Customized beam designs can also be done upon customers’ request.
Beam lengths Various lengths can be made depending on customers’ spec., up to a max. of 30m, due to transport limitation.


Product Advantages

of Pre-tentsioned Prestressed Beams

High quality Factory production ensures good and consistent quality production of concrete beams, with minimal supervision.
Shorter project leadtime Casting of beams and construction work on site are able to progress simultaneously, reducing overall project leadtime.
Ease of construction Precasting of beams are done at factory, hence no scaffolding/props/falsework are required over rivers or roads.
Cost saving Expensive falseworks otherwise required in certain situations are done away; shorter construction duration also means lower overall costs.


Common Misunderstandings

of Prestressed Beams

– An article by our Managing Director, Ir. Chin Mee Poon

(Published on Master Builders Journal, 2nd Quarter 2000)


Photo Gallery

of our product, process & work

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